Grágrýti - Basalt 2007 , Kristbergur Ó. Pétursson

Útgefandi Kristbergur Ó. Pétursson.

89 color prints of oil and acryl paintings from 1993 to 2006 with introduction in English and Icelandic. The author has long had an interest in local tales and knowledge as revealed in stories of life in times past, in genealogy, poetry and folklore. The artworks in this book are the artist’s way of working out the impressions that remain after reading. History surrounds one wherever one looks in the natural landscape. In Iceland, it sits on every rock and knoll. The sheer experience of nature is of cardinal importance in these works.

Grágrýti - Basalt

Grágrýti - Basalt

Kristbergur Óðinn Pétursson
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